Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Winter Floral

Oh dear have I neglected this blog or what.....I'm very sorry to the people who ever look upon this, 2011 hasn't been the blog year I planned it to be. It's a shame really as I do enjoy keeping it but since going freelance in June I haven't done nearly as much of my own work as I would have liked and I can't share my "professional" work that I do on here (if you didn't know already I work as a surface print designer). Anyway, today was a nice change and I had most of the day free so I started working on some of my own patterns, I managed to finish off one and here it is, a winter inspired floral. I am planning some serious changes though, before the year is out i'm planning to get my website up and running to how I'm happy with and my number one new years resolution is to do more of my own work, take a day out of my week to solely work on 'me' things and then be able to share them with you.
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