Thursday, 27 May 2010

Self Promotion

Here's a little package i'm putting together to go on my stand at my final show for a little self promotion. Included within the brown paper bag will be my business card, a button badge and a small A7 postcard.
If I have any left over may send some out so if anyone might want one send your address to and will try and save you one.

Perk Up Your Ears

As part of the promotion for my zine and record player I created this animation. I am not an animator and don't know much about it but I knew my way around imovie so created this stop motion film. It is created almost entirely out of paper and took me quite a while to cut all the characters out but I think it is pretty fun. The animation has a main story line which focusses on social interaction with music, it then goes on to show teasers of four animations which would be (theoretically) available to download when you purchased the fanzine and are in conjunction with the new release section of the zine. They promote the four bands who have albums being released within the month of June. I think I enjoyed this part of my project the most, even though it was the most stressful and I almost lost a finger to it. Hope you like it :)


The Animation Affiliation

This is a small zine I created in conjunction with my animation. The information within is supposed to let people know where they can get there downloadable animations.

Cardboard Record Player

So the zine is done but I had to think of a way to package it...and again try and get younger people to want to buy and play physical what did I come up with? A cardboard record player...that's right. It's fully working, I admit the sound isn't brilliant but there is sound. The box is made completely from cardboard, apart from the motor and a wooden axis. It runs of a battery pack and is pretty cool if I do say so myself. Had a lot of fun with a soldering iron to put the motor together.

Keep Your ears Wide Open

So here it is, the time has come and all my university work is pretty much finished. Its been a good, and long and stressful year but I am pretty pleased with the outcome. The main part of my project was to create a zine (it's turned out more like a magazine now) to try and promote people into buying music rather than downloading and to also try and shop in independent record stores rather than visiting high street chains or shopping online. Here's a selection of some of the pages.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

and again

Ok or this one.... I think my favourite image is the animals but i'm afraid if this goes on my stand with my work it won't have any relevance so should probably stick with a drawing of a person....what do we think of this one?

business cards again

Ok while having a little play around actually designing some badges I came up with this for a business card....hmmm. Now I don't know which image to use. Maybe the one with the animals would actually make a nice postcard rather than business card...choices choices. Feedback would be very helpful.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Business Cards

Just been playing around with some ideas for business cards tonight. I don't by any means condole smoking but i've always liked this drawing so thought it might be quite cool to use. Let me know what you think and which you prefer, I know there are only slight differences but i cant decide which placement I prefer for the guy. Also i've just blocked out my number for this blog post, you do get some strange ones on the net...ha ha

What's to come

Sorry I have been lacking with the blog posts, I have been super busy and have a lot to show everyone I am just saving it all...ha ha ha. I have less than 3weeks left of uni (scary stuff) and then once my show is up and running all my work from my f.m.p will be on wet your appetite I have a zine to show you and some stop motion animations, and everything is being made of paper and cardboard...ooooohhh. Soon people soon, I promise.

Peep Show Postcard...finished

I've finished the peep show postcard i've been working on, I am pretty pleased with how it has turned out and it's a lot more colourful than my initial sample. It will be packaged within a cute little brown paper bag with my logo as a sticker to seal the bag shut. Hope you like it.
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