Tuesday, 26 March 2019

100 Days of Productivity

Inspired by Anke Weckmann I have decided to participate in her '100 days of productivity' challenge. I decided to join in with this as I have recently fallen into some bad working routines, as I work from a home studio I can sometimes get up and start work straight from the word go and then find myself still in my pyjamas at 1pm and have yet to move, or if I'm not really busy with client work I might pop on the television while I have my breakfast and before I know it I've binged 3 episodes of something on Netflix.
So I'm taking some actions for myself, I want to add some more movement and exercise into my days so I'm not sitting as much, I want to work on personal projects instead of ditching them as soon as client work comes in and also manage a little household chore each day so when the weekend comes around I don't feel like I have a mountain of housework to do. Day one has been marked off already, here's to the next 99, imagine what I can acheive.

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