Monday, 18 June 2012

Garden Visitors

As well as having a nice space to grow plants I absolutely love my garden as it attracts so many birds. Seriously, I see so many different breeds of birds from your more common Robin or Blue Tit to a Great Spotted Woodpecker or a Nuthatch. I did a few quick drawings of some of my favourite ones, I absolutely love the Robins, I have one that always flies onto my washing line when i'm outside and waits for me to give her mealworms, I presume it's a she as she was feeding young earlier in the year.

Flower Drawings

It was a nice sunny day today which makes a change so I was a little inspired to draw some flowers, these are some of my all time favourite flowers, add poppies to the list and these would definitely be my top 4. These were just some quick sketchy drawings using watercolour and ink but was nice to do some drawing just for fun.

How does your garden grow

This is my first house (minus my parents) that i've lived in where I have a garden. I may not be the most green fingered person and i'm certainly not the greatest but I really love gardening, it's so exciting to see something that you've planted from seed start to grow. As summer approaches the garden is getting even more exciting with lots of things coming into flower, here's a few things that are doing rather well.

My favourite cow is a Highland cow

I have a thing about Highland cows, I don't know why but there's something I love about there long ginger hair. If you walk 20 mins down the road from my house you come to a field with a dozen or so highland cattle which is very exciting, I decided to draw one with watercolour just for fun and it hasn't turned out too bad...maybe i'll have to draw some more in future.

Hangin' Film Poster

A while back I was asked to create a poster for my friend Danny's short film Hangin'. In Danny's own words Hangin' is a short film about hangovers, vampires and cheating with the wrong girl. It was a great little project to work on and really nice to do something a bit different for a change. Also, the film is excellent, and it was chosen to be screened in competition at the London Independent Film Festival which is very good news.
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