Thursday, 21 July 2011

An older gent

I managed to finish some "work, work" off today and really had the urge to paint something...I haven't painted anything in a very long time. I realised I don't actually own any paint but have got a tray of watercolours so watercolours were what I used. I decided to paint an old man, just because I like to draw old men so thought maybe it would be fun to paint one, and it was. I built up the colours and then as it needed a bit of definition went over to highlight some areas with my trusty quill and ink. Considering I don't ever work like this I don't think it's turned out too badly, there are a few errors but I think it's a good first try, I might start doing some more work like this.


  1. Love it, your old man is amazing! I'm trying to get used to watercolours at the moment but it's not going very well. Maybe it's the paper...or me.

    Roxy x

  2. Thanks Roxy, i'm sure it's not you. I used a watercolour sketchbook I have as the paper's very thick, 300 gsm. I'm still practising with them as well though, hopefully next few try's will be better.

  3. really nice! love watercolour, its the best


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