Thursday, 27 May 2010

Perk Up Your Ears

As part of the promotion for my zine and record player I created this animation. I am not an animator and don't know much about it but I knew my way around imovie so created this stop motion film. It is created almost entirely out of paper and took me quite a while to cut all the characters out but I think it is pretty fun. The animation has a main story line which focusses on social interaction with music, it then goes on to show teasers of four animations which would be (theoretically) available to download when you purchased the fanzine and are in conjunction with the new release section of the zine. They promote the four bands who have albums being released within the month of June. I think I enjoyed this part of my project the most, even though it was the most stressful and I almost lost a finger to it. Hope you like it :)


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